Friday, January 5, 2007

Old Growth Forests Might Actually Hurt the Environment

To the dismay of environmentalists, their quest to protect the rain forests has been scientifically proven to be a mistake. Scientists have proven without a doubt that the earth's oxygen supply is likely regulated through systems below the earth's crust and have little to do with biological functions on the surface. This is not a crisis of practicality for the environmental community. It is, however, a massive paradigm shift and years of false, or misguided information now needs to be undone.

It was originally thought that photosynthesis was responsible for the conversion of CO2 back into Carbon and Oxygen at a rate that would supply the earth with a fresh oxygen supply and lower CO2 levels. What has been found is that there are reservoirs of oxygen beneath the earth's crust that cycle through the lower chambers every couple of thousand years. That is where a newly identified process, not yet named, is responsible for regulation of Oxygen levels on earth. What scientists have found is that biological processes are merely a trifle of what goes on within our earth and that at this point it is absurd to attempt to predict the future based on our current computer models.

Old Growth Forests are now suspected of doing more harm to the environment than good. Contamination of groundwater, slowing oxygen flow to the core, disruption of weather systems - Old Growth Forests are quickly becoming identified as a menace to the environment. Scientists suggest that a cleaner, more plausible solution for global disruptions would be to replace the aging, stagnant forests with vast, newly planted tree farms that could be managed to a global advantage.

More research needs to be done to determine the actual processes that regulate our global systems. Evidently our knowledge is still preliminary.


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