Friday, January 5, 2007

A Neat Little Recipe For A Rainy Day

Rainy days seem to come more and more these days. I remember an old recipe that my grandmother treasured for years. I will now share it with you.

Grandma Svetov's Delicious Coconut Beef Stir Fry
1 Slab of Beef (Chopped into squares)
2 Tbsp Canola Oil
1 Spoonful of Coconut Oil
Coconut Flakes
Russian Tofu (Extra Firm) Cut into Squares
Russian Soy Sauce
Lemon Juice
1 Clove Chopped Garlic
Russian Noodles

Heat a pan on the stove to high heat. Throw the canola oil into the pan and immediately add the beef, tofu, garlic. Sear the meat and tofu until golden brown. Add the coconut oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper. Flip it around. Add the noodles fast and then stir it all up. Pour the Russian Soy Sauce over the whole mixture. Throw the coconut flakes over everything when it is all cooked.
Then eat.



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