Saturday, January 27, 2007

Neutering Your Dog Cheaply and Effectively

Much like the latest alternative medicine trend in which traditional medicine is being touted as ineffective and essentially crooked, veterinary practices are now being called into question. Not surprisingly, the majority of veterinary practices have been proven to be less than sauvy and are under suspicion by the Veterinary Practices Review Panel, the Denver Animal Surgery Board and the Christian Animal Research Councel. The highest criticism, as stated by many of the investigative teams, is that Veterinary bodies are grossly overcharging pet owners when, in acuality, the procedures and expertise are about as complex as carving a watermelon (Gladys Westlocke, P. 227). Exaggerations aside, the neutering of a pet is far less difficult than most vets make it out to be.

In the same spirit as the privatization of medicine throughout many former state-run medical systems, veterinary practices are now evolving to include more specialized private services. Neutering facilities now exist that do not have paid veterinarians, but experienced experts who are trained to administer anaesthetics, remove canine and feline testes and ovaries, and do other less complicated surgeries. The most significant thing about these services is the cost. One particular provider charges only 20 US to neuter dogs. And they can do it in under 15 minutes.

There has been some criticism of the change in scope of the veterinary sciences and services providers, but many outside observers insist that it will free veterinarians from earning money through simple procedures and allow them to hone their own skills doing more interesting surgeries.

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Sandy Carlson said...

This is sooooo important. I hope some folks who love animals find this post.