Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ergonomics for the 21st Century

"The Widow's Hunch," as it was colloquially referred to in the early 20th Century, was originally thought to be caused by the great sorrow a woman felt after losing her husband. Interestingly, new research has shown that it is in fact caused by a combination of arthritis, osteoperosis, and, surprisingly, poor sleeping positions. It was found that in 30% of all aging widows 65+, a tendency to curl as they sleep resulted in "Hunching" as they got even older.

An ergonomics company has created a solution to the horrific and debilitating problem - Pressbeds International is a company that designs a kind of bed that offers creative solutions to chronic problems. The Straight Edge is a bed that has incorporated a system to restrain the elderly patients in a corrective manner so that when they sleep their bone are kept straight and strong.

Most participants in the studies were initially reluctant to be involved, but they mostly reported positive feelings after the regime was ended. At least 10 percent of the study participants or their guardians ordered The Straight Edge after they were finished. Bone density in the subjects increased by .035%, indicating not only a corrective value in the beds, but also a remedial value.

The value of restraining capabilities for the elderly has been discussed at length by a number of geriatric health organizations, specifically those dealing with Alzheimer patients and other degenerative brain diseases. The tendency, also, for individuals to wander has been rectified by The Straight Edge.

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Ben said...

What happens if there is a fire?

Ben said...

Also, I can't find a website for the product or the company. Help?

(See, this is the part where your readers might want to learn more and have no where to go).

Vlad said...

Thanks for the advice, Ben. I'll take note for my next article. You are sure a caring, swell guy. Take it easy.

Ben said...

I think we're still on the wrong foot. Allow me to be clear:

I find your site compelling, and I'm genuinely interested in learning more about this product. Where can I find more information?

Really, I'm done chastising you. Any future comments will be because I want to know more, or I know something about the topic that you didn't mention. Be happy you have a regular reader. We're hard to come by.

Vlad said...

Thanks! You are a great fan to have. Keep being interestingly interested. By the way, if you are sincere in wanting to know more about products, I will gladly mail you pamphlets. What is your mailing info?

Ben said...

Just direct me to the company's website, or to the website that details all of the study's findings and statistical data. Thanks!

Vlad said...

I'd rather e-mail the info to you. The internet materials are limited because the company is based on an island. Plus it's directed towards the elderly, who really don't use the internet enough to justify putting vast amounts of material.

Just leave me detailed contact info here and you'll get as much material as you want. Thanks.

I'll even pay for the postage.