Thursday, January 25, 2007

Language From The Underground

Based on the coming technological singularity as predicted by many observers who have noted the increasing efficiency of technological development in relation to the cost, a new novel is in development from Canada's most significant underground science fiction author, Teddy II Balthwaite. Teddy II, as his fans have come to affectionately call him, has indicated that his next novel will deal with an abstract exploration of human expression after the technological singularity occurs in 2024 (see Ray Kurtzweil: The Singularity is Coming). Part of the problem that exists for many science fiction writers is the ability to imagine a society that is suddenly overwhelmed by technology that exceeds human intelligence. How would one express himself in an age where language has systematically devolved (or evolved to a degree that exceeds human comprehension)? Teddy II says that he was largely inspired by observing school children text-messaging each other in "cellphone shorthand." He says, however, that of course the language of the future would not even remotely resemble what we possess today since it would be written by ultra-intelligent machines for their use. It might, however, be a simulation of today's languages as the result of machinery emulating the "creator."

Teddy II hopes to have his novel completed by late 2008. Fans can look forward to a tale of clashing sentience, confusing and eerie "machine-esque" language constructs, and the ultimate demise of a civilization.

Stay tuned!


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