Friday, January 19, 2007

Scientists Identify The "Morality Gene"

Just when you thought the Human Genome Project was getting boring: scientists in Utah have identified the so-called "morality gene" which, under most circumstances, governs the human mind's ability to recognize societal norms and conform with them. Aside from the (I think) frightening potentials that can arise out of this discovery - for example: manipulation of the masses and gene therapy to cause obedience - the fact that we can identify these things is remarkable.

Early research into the Morality Gene has concentrated on the research of Aparteid Era scientists who concentrated mainly on racially motivated research, not unlike the Nazis. Their essentially primitive research capabilities and directives blinded them to new ideas in the field of genetics. However, the latest projects are indicating, bizarrely, the opposite of what they hoped by the racist regime. People belonging to the Caucazoidal groups (northern Europeans, The northern peoples of the Indian Subcontinent etc) have the widest differencials in their genetic makeup. In the majority of them, the Morality Gene appears to be ineffectual in their design. People of the Negroidal groups (Africans and descendants) have the strongest indicators of the Morality Gene - meaning that they are most likely to form communities and promote peace (in simple genetic terms). Who knew?

This is a very simple application of the knowledge that has been acquired through the research, but a vast number of teams are jumping on board to form their own conclusions.

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sickcake said...

This article was very informative. Thanks for telling us about it! You rock, Vlad. You rock!

Vlad said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

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Jewish Candy said...

Wow - that is so interesting. I guess that's your intent, isn't it? HA HA AH HA AH


Helen said...


" daddy coming in through that door? disturbing... "

Wow Vlad. That thought never even occurred to me when I posted that picture. Actually, if you click on the picture and go to the original source, It's clear they didn't have that thought in mind either. Disturbing!
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Ben said...

You criticize me for writing about a collection of morons that ends up getting someone killed, and here I find proud pictures of a grossly obese cat (to the point of abuse). I guess both of our Moralty Genes are on the fritz.

That said, if we can put it all behind us, I'll be back to read more. Your site is interestingly interesting, as advertised.

Hobknob the blob said...

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I think the cat is cute - this guy's a nazi.

Not a Nazi said...

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Ben said...

Hey Vlad, I've had a chance to really read through this blog now, and it's pretty good (abused cat can take the picture down when it dies prematurely from heart failure).

That said, would you consider linking the sources to some of your claims? For instance, one of your first blogs about entering the ATM pin in reverse? The one you've tried and tested? Yeah, false.

Vlad said...

Hi ben - I left a note on your blog. Thanks for your interest.

Ben said...

Vlad, I'd prefer to continue the discussion here, since my readers will wonder what you're talking about.

I still think it would add value to your site if you link references--I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I do find your writing compelling. Now, back to the ATM:

You asked what the problem was. Here's the problem:

The title of your post is "How to call the police from an ATM." The first sentence is "If you are ever threatened near an ATM, simply enter your code backwards and it will instantly call the police."

This implies that this will work at all ATMs, everywhere. The truth of the matter is it's a failed idea. No banks want to bother with it. They don't believe anyone could recall their pin number and reverse it in their head while under duress (of say, a gun pointed at their head).

That is the fact of the matter in the United States. As for Canada, I don't know. In reading your article, it would have been helpful if you made a link to the article where you read it, instead of just passing it off as fact.

I'm not sure if this is your first blog or not. It looks pretty new. It's a great idea, and I think in the long run, you'll do well. But it is plain ol' irresponsible journalism to report something, make it sound like it's in effect everywhere, and not cite a source.

I know it's unlikely, but think of this possibility:

A woman reads your blog daily. She goes to an ATM late one night and is accosted. Tries your method of alerting the police. Thief gets pissed she's stalling (and hoping her signal gets through soon). Shoots her in the legs and back, paralyzes her. She could actually sue you if she happened to be at an ATM that isn't experimenting with this idea (i.e., most of the planet).

Your site is interesting. I've said that before. It would be more interesting if you could cite sources so we could confirm it's true for ourselves, and perhaps bring up something you might have missed.


Ben said...

In related news, one of my favorite websites, wikipedia, says that this system is not being used anywhere.

I just did a search myself, and as far as I can tell, the inventor of the idea is broke and living with his brother, and no one uses his product. You can find most of that information, as well as three articles (as recent as a couple of weeks ago on Forbes) that say this idea is bunk for now.

Just link me to your credible website that said it's being piloted.

Vlad said...

It did not get my information from a website. I got it from my bank - where this is actually in progress. Thanks for your interest.

Ben said...

Sorry to say, I don't believe you. What is your bank's phone or website so I can contact them?

Here's another quote:

"There have been multiple reports of people being saved by the police in the States by using this technique. In New Jersey a bank robbery was foiled by an old lady who had heard about this and typed in the code after seeing a hold up. Interestingly INTERESTING!"

I repeat, this process is not being used at any bank in the United States.

Vlad said...

Hi Ben. I don't really think that I need to provide you with my personal banking information to satisfy your bizarre demands. Can I have your Parents' names and phone number(s) so I can verify you're not a pirate on the seven seas? Please note: I have read about the ATM security code and have seen it in practice. Take it or leave it. On the other hand, I am not part of the news media and have never claimed to be. This is a personal blog intended to provide people with the best information that I have personally come across in a variety of ways. If it is not of value to you, feel free to read other blogs with different information.

Thanks again for your interest in my interesting blog. I just hope the information provided here is helping you live your life! Take care.

Ben said...

I didn't ask for your account number. I asked which bank this (in theory) works at. Citizens? Commerce? Bank of America? Just a name so I can ask if it's in effect.

I think it's a great idea, and I'd like to be part of a bank that practices it.

Whether you are part of the news media or not is irrelevant. You're part of the media by hosting a blog, and therefore, are responsible for it's content.

Just post responsibly, is all I'm asking. And it helps to cite a source, rather than just throw something out there. My post yesterday, for instance, if very interestingly-interesting. It's a great story. Then I found out the links were broken--I've repaired them and once again it's a great story.

Vlad said...

Ben -
Do I need to entre into a debate about the epistemological essence of media? THIS IS NOT NEWS MEDIA! It is information, much like the majority of all internet sites.

And please note: news media is different than media. I take full responsibility for my well-researched blog. I, however, am not part of a major news media outlet and offer this material as interesting tidbits - AS STATED IN MY SUB-TITLE.

If you choose to accept my info - GREAT! If not, feel free to read other blogs. I thought we established this before.

Very bizarre. Do you stalk girls like this too? Or guys? Whatever...the point is, this is bordering on the creepy. Do you not have a job?


Ben said...

And like all websites, the author is responsible for the content. And if it's so thoroughly researched, then you wouldn't mind citing sources.

About half your posts thus far have contained incomplete, or just downright faulty information. As a reader, I tried to enlighten you on where you might find more thorough research (complete with cited sources). And for my troubles, I'm insulted.

Tell you what. Start keeping a diary instead of a blog. Clearly you don't value readers or their opinions.

If you consider this stalking, then I'll just read elsewhere instead. Disregard my comment on the more recent post. Remain ignorant. It suits you.

Vlad said...

I'm very disappointed. Take care!!!

PS - ignorance is relative.

Carnal Vision! said...

Wow - who IS this Vlad guy? What a genius!

Anonymous said...

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