Sunday, January 28, 2007

Does Satan Have a Blog?

Short answer: Yes.

For those of whom are unfamiliar with Theistic Satanism and its followers, it is the most significant movement in the Satanist community and has gained ground since the turn of the century. claim that they experience a "dark" divinity or powerful entity behind the forces of darkness, knowledge, animal energy and freedom in their lives. He is sometimes perceived as the Muse and the Bestower of knowledge. The spiritual leader of the North American Chapter of the League of Satan's Triad (LOST) is code named "Coerodus" and resides in exile.

Coerodus was banished from North America by the Black Dragon (another Satanist group), according to the latest publications. His personal journal is found here:

Please note: I do not approve of Satanism and feel it to be evil. Please fight Coerodus and force him to remain in exile.

Interestingly Interesting!!!


Fruitcake and the fish said...

I really enjoy this blog, Vlad. Keep up the exceptional work. You are one amazing human being.

Sandy Carlson said...

This is an amazing. I think Coerodus wears many faces and is not stranger to a lot of us, unfortunately. Maybe a good, up attitude will help keep that boy out of town!

stephen said...

there is no hell or satan,just a bunch of stupid people without the brains to think.

Mary Nice said...


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