Saturday, February 3, 2007

The People of Boston Should Be Ashamed...

Just a short post:

In Boston, two men were arrested for placing little neon signs all over the city to market the show, Auqa Teen Hunger Force. While the show is unacceptable for anyone, what I can't figure out is how anyone could think that little signs like that look like Litebright would be bombs. Give me a break. The signs were placed in several other cities an there were no problems - but the Mayor of Boston is talking about "post 9-11" and how dereanged the stunt was. I think Boston is deranged.

Dozens of electronic signs like this one that hung beneath an overpass in Boston sparked the bomb scare.


MarkD60 said...

I agree wwith you, but haven't seen a picture of one of the "devices"

Sandy Carlson said...

That is interesting. Lite-brite Neurosis. A new one for the DSM-IV. I'd love to see what one looks like as well as to know what the event was. Thanks for the scoop!

Cape Codder said...

I am from Mass., and here is the problem.

The things only light up at night - they were FOUND at 10 am. What they look like with the lights off is a computer keyboard with wires and batteries taped to the bottom with electrical tape.

In other cities, they were put on storefronts like Newberry Comics or Blockbuster video. Here, they were put under bridge struts, and one was even underneath a hospital where a road goes under it (Tufts Medical Center).

Also, the Beavis and Butthead who put them up called Cartoon Network, and got an email back from them - EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW THAT THE SUBWAY SYSTEM AND MAJOR HIGHWAYS WERE BEING SHUT DOWN - and were told NOT to call the police and say, Hey - we put them up, this is where they are, and we'll get them. No, they let it drag on for a whole day, and used the bomb squad to check them all.

In Afghanistan, it's common to put cartoon charachters on bombs, and hope that little kids pick them up. How could Boston police know that one of them WASN'T real? And the others were decoys to make them be careless?

Also, that same day, two pipe bombs were also found, under a subway line, that had been planted by a former employee.

This is too long a story for a CNN or MSNBC to bother covering, so the whole countyr thinks we are all nuts because they don't know the extra details.

But, I freely admit, the head of the Boston Police had never heard of Aqua Teen hunger Force - which is not much of a surpise.

Vlad said...

Regardless of the details, Boston is idiotic. I saw a picture of the items in the daytime and they still look nothing like bombs. Once again, the terrorists have won because Americans are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Columbus was a cocksucker.

cattleworks said...

I think Cape Codder makes some very good points, especially the comment about CNN and MSNBC. It looks like this story was a combination of badly timed circumstances and perhaps bad judgement on the Cartoon Network people, if not beforehand then afterwards when things started going screwy.

Anonymous said...

you are a fucktard!

stephen said...

American paranoia at it's best.