Friday, January 5, 2007

Become One With Your Dog

It has been proven in a number of scientific laboratories that the human soul can meld with the souls of other creatures.

Many scientists have said that, although the soul is not measurable, it definitely exists and can change throughout our lives as we absorb new experiences and encounter different things. One thing that the scientists have managed to establish is that souls grow when our loved ones die. What this means is: when someone you know passes on, you absorb part of their soul.

Scientists have determined this by weighing people before and after the death of a friend or family member. The latest research shows that people gain an average of 2 ounces when a family member dies and an average of 1 ounce when it's a friend. But what about our pets? Dr. Joyce Kavanagh of the Tedler Foundation did some complex research and found that human beings gain an average of 10 OUNCES when their dogs pass on. The evidence speaks for itself - when our beloved pets die, we gain 10 ounces of soul matter.


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